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Tom Watson klaar voor MMA titel

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Interview with MMA Champ Tom Watson 28 years old and professional MMA fighter. Tom Watson is in Amsterdam training at Continental-FFC to prepare himself for the middleweight title fight against Murilo” Ninja Run” from Brasil. Alexandra van Dam kon de Champ een aantal vragen stellen. How long you are been doing MMa: “About 9 or 10 years now,from origin I am a boxer, I was boxing for 4 or 5 years. Then I started training and fighting MMA/Thaiboxing/Jujutsi.”

How many fights you got on your name? About 70 Tom answered laughing which are 30 of boxing and 12 thaiboxing and 2 with K1 rules and 25 MMA fights. Wow that is a lot Tom. Yes Tom smiles from ear to ear and says “That,s why I look 50 instead of 28” he laughs because of the injuries. Well I think that Tom still looks great. How did you come to Continental-ffc? Well James Mc Sweeney was training here last summer and told me all about the gym and their trainers and sensei. Tom admires a lot of fighters of Carbin like Tyrone Spong, Imro Main, Alistair Overeem.

Poster van "Kong" Watson van het aanstaande gevecht tegen "Ninja" Rua

I like this style of Muay Thai. So when is your upcoming fight, That will be 21 of May in London Wembley after that Tom goes straight back to the USA New Mexico. Where his next fight is : Fighting USA America. Tom is from origin from Southampton. But now he lives and trains in New Mexico USA. Tom played football when he was young but not professional so he started boxing then followed by Muay Thai and MMA to become a professional and famous MMA Champion. Tom trains allso fitness to stay fit. Tom is there anything you would like to say to the people and our readers, Yes that they should come to FFC, his gym. He really likes it here ,good training, very nice and friendly people, good atmosphere. Tom is here for only one week and is allready planning to come back. We can follow Tom Watson on facebook and twitter by the name: Tomkongwatson. Tom I wanna thank you for this interview and we all hope to see you soon again and train with you. All the best for you and Good luck with your fights and we will follow you
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