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Golden Glory in Yokohama

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Bas Boon doet, in het Engels, na een kleine introductie verslag van de prestaties van het Golden Glory Team tijdens het K-1 van Yokahama in Japan van afgelopen 3 april.

After an electrifying final for Golden Glory on december 5th 2009 where Semmy scored the fastest K-1 GP victory ever in the history of K-1 and Alistair knocking out Fujita on New years Eve - the team went on a well deserved holiday.
Gokhan Saki and Nieky Holzken kept fighting in January and february and both became victorious to start the new year 2010.

Een deel van de Nederlandse delegatie met de voorzitter van de FEG

After the succesful opening of the Golden Glory Romania gym - Golden Glory also opened a gym in Pattaya, Thailand.
Alistair Overeem already prepared himself for the new years eve 2009 Dynamite show, when the gym was not even officially opened.
This Golden Glory Pattaya, Thailand gym was the perfect place for the preparation for Gokhan Saki and Errol Zimmerman towards their first K-1 WGP fights scheduled in Yokohama on December 5th.

Goran Saki, rode hoek vs Sing "Heart" Jaideep

Saki was scheduled to fight against the Indian fighter Sing “Heart” Jaideep who is almost 2 meters tall and has a huge reach advantage over the young talented Golden Glory fighter Saki.
Saki is the underdog at the bookies, but after the first round it is very clear that Saki completely dominates the round, resulting in Jaideep returning to his corner with a bleeding nose and bruised legs.
Round two and three are great rounds where Saki just uses his whole arsenal of kickboxing techniques, schooling Jaideep. Hooks to the body, liver punches, high kicks, spinning back kicks and spinning back fist, Saki is completly taking Jaideep apart and even rocks jaideep in round three with a hard left hook. Winner by decision Gokhan Saki!

Alister Overeem, rode hoek, vs Dzevad Poturak

Then its time for Alistair Overeem after three months of not entering a ring or a cage (Alistair fought 6 fights in less then three months in the last quater of 2009) it was time for Alistair to fight in K-1 against the strong Bosnian fighter Dzevad Poturak who holds wins over Daniel Ghita and Melvin Manhoef.
Many people said that it was not wise to enter the ring just 6 weeks before Alistair Overeem's Strikeforce title defense May 15th in St Louis.
Golden Glory Management and Alistair Overeem made a perfect choice in accepting the K-1 fight before Alistair has to defend his heavyweight strikeforce belt. Overeem scored another brutal kO victory with another vicious knee almost knocking off his opponents head in less then a minute into round 1. Winner by KO in round 1.

Alistair Overeem - see more footage at this link - wicked highlight video! !

The last bout for Golden Glory is the match between “Bonecrusher” Errol Zimmerman and Semmy Schilt. Zimmerman challenged Golden Glory teammate Semmy Schilt who holds the heavyweight belt already for three years and has 4 K-1 GP belts.

Semmy Schilt, rode hoek vs "bonecrusher" Erol Zimmerman

If K-1 was afraid that these two warriors would spare each other, they must have been very happy to see that just 10 seconds into the first round Errol scores with a right left combination that rocks Semmy Schilt. Both fighters are giving a great show, but it looks like Schilt improves in every fight as his stance and left jab become more and more effective. Errol went three rounds with jumping high kicks trying to land a right or left hook landing some good body shots. Schilt is just being schilt, blocking every attack pulling up his knee and blocking most of the punches. Schilt wins the fight by decision, it was a nice fight to watch and the audience definately loved to see these two Golden Glory warriors at work.
Semmy Schilt and Golden Glory want to thank Golden Glory Romania for bringing sparring partners to Holland and always helping with the preperation when Semmy is scheduled to fight!

Errol is only 23 and shows great progress and talent! Schilt said in an interview after the fight that “he sustained more damage in this fight then in his whole last K-1 GP where he fought three fights in one night!”

Semmy Schilt winner of the heavy weight K-1 title is scheduled to fight in Germany. Their will be an official K-1 qualification 8 man tournament, Gokhan Saki, Stefan Leko and Chalid Arrab from Golden Glory will fight on the same card. For the first time in Germany (oponents will be anounched soon) this event will take place at the Dortmunder Westfallenhalle on June 5th 2010.

Kyotaro, rode hoek vs Peter Aerts

Another title defense is the card between Japanese Kyotaro and Peter Aerts who both fight for the heavyweight belt till 100kg.
Aerts weight in at 97 kg, he was never so light in the last 20 years. If this was the reason for his bad performance, we will never know, but the Japanese fighter knocked down Aerts twice at the end of the first round and then finished the fight with a huge right hand punch knocking the former 3x K-1 GP champion to the ground and winning the fight by KO.
With that victory he not only successfully defended his heaveyweight belt but also became the first Japanese fighter who ever scored a KO victory over Peter Aerts.
Great news for Japan as the heavyweight title stays in Japan.

Tyrone Spong, blauwe hoek vs Jerome Le Banner

The fight between Tyrone Spong and Le Banner, where Le Banner scores a knock down in round 1 and this round becomes a 10-8 round for Jerome. The second round is pretty even and when Spong in round three makes a come back it is simply to late and Le Banner wins this fight by decision, later it turns out that Tyrone broke his hand.

Badr Hari is fighting with Alexey Ignashov who defeated Hari as a young fighter. Ingnashov is known to be a counter fighter and does not really push any of his fights. That does not make him less dangerous and Hari knows this. In three rounds Hari knows to score a knock down and then wins the fight by decision. Maybe not the nicest fight we have seen from Badr so far but he showed control and kept to his game plan.

Golden Glory Team

MVP (most valuable player) of the night was again Golden Glory fighter Alistair Overeem who is becoming a superstar in Japan, together with Semmy Schilt from Golden Glory, who finally is excepted by the Japanese audience as simply the strongest K-1 fighter in history!
Gokhan Saki also from Golden Glory proved to be fully recovered from some injuries he had in the year 2009 and fought a great fight.
The team was sponsored by Fight Game clothing which is becoming one of the newest hottest fight brands on the market!
It is going to be a great year!

Story: Bas Boon
Foto’s (c) FEG
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